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[RGSS3] 1-Man Custom Menu

November 13, 2012

1-Man Custom Menu System
by Legacy
It’s been awhile since I’ve released a script to the public, so here’s my first public VX Ace script.

This script was designed to bring RPG Maker VX Ace a system that could be integrated with games that only have a single active party member at one time.

No Issues known currently, however it is unlikely to work with RPG Maker VX without some adjustment.


You can download the script via PasteBin

Terms & Conditions:
You can find the Terms & Conditions of my scripts under the “Usage” section in the scripts header.

Additional Notes:
You are free to use this in commercial and non-commercial games, all I ask in return is to be credited. Thanks.

I hope you enjoy the system, please let me know of any bugs that occur, and if you have any additional features you would like to see within this system, let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you. If you want it a little more personalized then PM me with what you want changed.

– Legacy


From → RGSS3 Scripts

  1. Thanks for this again, are you continuing on the rag doll equip?

    • I am continuing to add this feature.

      I’m just trying to figure out how I’ll go about doing it. I’ll keep you updated here ^_^

    • Yeah, I’m working on it! πŸ™‚

  2. Nipun Garg permalink

    Umm….it’s an Paste ID. I think the Link is incorrect. Can use please check it?

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